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Teeth whitening in Gurgaon TEETH WHITENING


Every individual out there wants to laugh out loud but don’t want to reveal those yellow teeth, as they can be a big source of embarrassment for many people. There can be various reasons why one’s teeth tend to discolour. It can be due to teeth staining because of bacterial pigment, tobacco use or certain types of antibiotic medicines.

Teeth whitening in Gurgaon is a brilliant and risk-free way that will help you restore the colour of your teeth. This process led by our dental experts works to your advantage giving you that radiant and beautiful smile. Gurgaon Smile & Wellness Hub offers various options for teeth whitening so it can suit any pocket or schedule.

A white sparkling smile can act as a confidence booster and of course, a great way for people to notice you. Depending on our lifestyle we have been leading every day, we may lack the smile we always aspired for. And smoking or intake of dark coloured liquids like tea, coffee etc. can cause teeth to lose their colour.

Discoloured teen can certainly make you feel conscious about your smile, and teeth whitening is that effective solution that will improve your smile at once. We understand the need of every patients dropping in and offer them a comprehensive solution of teeth whitening in Gurgaon.

Teeth whitening can be done in the following two ways:

  • In Office Teeth Whitening

  • At Home Teeth Whitening

In Office Teeth Whitening

This type of teeth whitening proves more effective in every sense of the word and involves one or two sittings of up to an hour in the dental office. Hydrogen Peroxide in a specific concentration, which is activated by lights is used for whitening the teeth.

This treatment is offered to those patients who just cannot do without getting immediate results and instant bleaching of their teeth. There’s laser bleaching and power bleaching to get a move on the process of bleaching. Depending on your lifestyle, the result can last for many months.

At Home Teeth Whitening

We construct special custom trays for you and provide you with a whitening gel so it can be applied to your teeth as per instructions given to you by the dental surgeon. Procedures like bleaching gel and bleaching strips are convenient to use as they can be followed from the comfort of your home after a customized tray is made.


One of the most common procedures of dental cosmetics, bleaching brightens up teeth that are discoloured or stained. Maybe they’ve been darkened due to an injury or excessive drinking. Any tooth can receive bleaching treatment, even those that have had root canal surgery lately.

At Gurgaon Smile & Wellness Hub, we’re equipped with the latest techniques so that we can offer our patients what they need the most i.e. the most glowing and stunning smile. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure, we will allow you to enjoy your beautiful smile in minutes. Can it get any better than this?

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