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Adult Orthodontics

dental Adult Orthodontics


Usually consensus amongst people is that Orthodontic/ braces treatment takes a lot time in treatment. But we at Gurgaon smile & wellness have pioneered the art of reducing the treatment time with braces with guaranteed results.

Treatments are carried out in shortest possible time with proper individualised treatment planning, with detailed discussion with our patients about the treatment, we make every possible way of making the patient understand the treatment that he / she is undergoing and answer all the queries of the patient.

Customised lingual braces (INCOGNITO BRACES)

Dr. Karan Bhalla the orthodontist at our centre is among the few orthodontists in the country who are certified in Customised Lingual Braces Gurgaon smile & wellness hub provides IncognitoOrthodontic Braces in Gurgaon which are created using state-of-art technology.

They are fabricated using latest technologies like CAD-CAM, 3D Scanning, laser sintering and robotic wire bending.
Specialists at Gurgaon Smile &Wellness Hub make a thorough examination & only after a detailed study of an individual patient these braces are designed to be fabricated,therefore they are customised for each patient that means each bracket and wire and customised for a particular patient.


Gurgaon Smile & Wellness Hub is an epitome of advanced technology & treatment. We are providing latest appliance for orthodontic treatment which is Invisalign. Gurgaon Smile & Wellness Hub is amongst the first and reckoned centres to provide Invisalign treatment in Gurgaon.

Invisalign is a comfortable,effective, removable &virtually invisible method to straightening your teeth, treatment for straightening of teeth without braces. Invisalign treatment at Gurgaon Smile & Wellness Hub is a service that is an answer to all the discomfort &embarrassment faced by the patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. This modern treatment modality can give your face a magazine cover smile with minimum invasive method.

These are series of clear aligners customisedand individualised for every patient after a detailed discussion and approval by our specialists. For further information or queries Book your smile screening assessment appoint with our specialist.

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